THE STORY BEHIND...                                                                          FRANCAIS          NEDERLANDS

From when I was very young I have always been under the spell of creativity, my thoughts constantly occupied with wool, fabrics, buttons, colours and crafts. My mother was a wonderful dressmaker and fascinated by her creations, she taught me the tricks of the trade at a young age.
I adore hanging out at flea markets looking for original ribbons, buttons, colourful fabrics and wool. Every holiday abroad transforms itself into a quest for fabric shops, sometimes to the frustration of the members of the family that travel with me.
My last holiday in Morocco was heaven on earth!
The fabric markets of Casablanca were trawled through, buttons and ribbons surfaced from under the dust and handmade buttons for Djalabas were cherry-picked. In the souks of Marrakech I got the locals to dye wool. All of this, combined with the mounting discussions and the fierce gestures of the market vendors, the conclusion of the sale with ‘whisky berbère’ formed the perfect background for the creation of my scarves.
Behind every little button, piece of ribbon, pompom or fabric, a memorable anecdote is hidden. Loaded with two brimming bags, a lot of Dirhams lighter, but inspired with Moroccan influences and full of new ideas, I could start my new winter collection.
Every scarf is a unique design, finished by my own hands to the last stitch, very soft and comfortable to wear.
Let the winter come!